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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Power to the People is now Grid Alternatives' International Program

For more information about the GRID Alternatives' International Program, please click here.


Power to the People is a 501c3 non-profit organization working with volunteers to bring solar electricity to community buildings in rural areas of the developing world.

Our mission is to create opportunities for people to improve the quality of their own lives through the installation of renewable energy technologies. By working together towards a common goal, volunteers learn about renewable energy technologies, community development, and gain a new perspective about life in another culture.

Electricity allows us to access information, be more efficient and productive in our jobs, experience the comforts of a heated or air-conditioned building, and enjoy the latest innovations in entertainment and communication.  Electricity brings with it exposure to another world of possibilities and allows us to advance together through our participation in innovation, discovery and comfort. 

Volunteering with Power to the People is a great way to learn more about solar energy while making a lasting impact in others' lives. We are always looking for volunteers to travel with us to gain hands-on experience installing an off-grid solar system alongside community volunteers.

Click here to learn more about being a Voluntourist.


Check out our Power to the People documentary by Brad Allgood.

Power to the People: Empowering Communities Through Renewable Energy Technologies from Brad Allgood.



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